Obviously, some people will be a little concerned about safety because of predators. All of the major predators, such as the American lions and saber-toothed cat, will be equipped with transmitters, which means that we will know their precise location and when the animals start to wander to the edges of the park, we will simply relocate them into a different area of the park.


But it’s true that ranchers and others that live and work way out in the wilderness of Thunder Wilds will need to take precautions with fences, fire arms and dogs. Hey, if some people want to live a tame suburban life in the wilderness of the wild west then maybe we’ll just have to create Thunder Wilds someplace else, and bring our powerful economic impact someplace else too. Or we just fence off any land owners that don’t want to be part of Thunder Wilds.

Its also true that anyone recreating in Thunder Wilds will need armed guides. This is a potential job opportunity for thousands or revenue opportunity for ranchers that want to host and protect guests.


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