Individual empires of land, animals and resources within fences, have little or no resilience, because animals cannot move to follow the rain, can’t migrate to avoid winter, can’t even move to natural water sources. Cattle are trapped within the fenced lands of their owners and ranchers need to put out ongoing effort and investment to provide water, and feed, and must move animals, usually by truck, to feed lots for the winter, manage for negative impacts of confinement, purchase insurance to help manage all these risks, all at great effort.

All can be avoided with RAW. Partners combine their land to allow the creation of a vast, new natural resource, in fast growing, highly resilient, moving herds of mega fauna. These herds find their own water, follow the rains to green pastures, resist predation, and migrate out of winter weather. They literally take care of themselves with minimal costs. Their management needs almost no infrastructure, like providing wells, pumps, troughs, and power to pump water. There would be no feed lot operations. There would be no need to purchase and truck in feed, no need to capture and truck around livestock, and there would be minimal insurance costs and minimal vet and medication costs.

In fact, if you think about it, it was kind of silly to carve up the Wild West with fences and bring in cattle. Under these circumstances the ranchers signed up for huge costs and effort to raise cattle, an animal with zero ability to take care of itself. Ranchers even had to go out and make wolves and bears enemy #1 because the cattle were so big, dumb, and defenseless. On the other hand, wild, mega fauna herbivores, need almost no help from man. Why raise meat with huge effort, cost, risk and low margin when you can let wild mega fauna herbivores raise themselves, find their own food no matter the weather, with almost no effort, cost, risk, while enjoying a high margin?


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