What do you think most people will come to the park for? That’s right, hunting! It would most likely be the largest source of revenue for the park. Here is a great comprehensive article over the benefits of hunting. Although it is mostly directed toward the benefits of rural African communities, it also gives you a relative idea of some of the profits the park may receive. There will be two types of areas in the park. One will be strictly closed to hunting, while the other area will.

Think of the core area of the park where there is no hunting allowed as a cup and the animals the water. As the cup gets more filled with water (animals) the water will eventually overflow the cup and into the areas where hunting is allowed. The park will be structured like this because one of the problems seen in animal species is miniaturization. Hunters, like myself, go around shooting all of the big, massive animals because we are trophy hunters, we want the big animals. When we shoot the big animal, generally the males, we stop if from passing on its genes. If the animals have a core area, the species have a massive area in order to prevent miniaturization. This is a good thing because none of us want small trophy animals.

Another great source of revenue would be bird hunting. As the Park begins to fund prairie restoration, the grouse, prairie chicken, quail, and pheasant populations would explode. This population boom would allow hunters and their faithful pointing dogs to hunt to their hearts content, or to their limit. The Park would also be funding the restoration of wetlands. This would also create a waterfowl boom, from mallards, wood ducks, and blue-winged teal, to snow geese and trumpeter swans. It would also provide much needed rest stops for migrating birds, even for the whooping crane, whose total population is 500! All of the hunting would have to be done with steel shot in order to prevent lead poisoning.

Here are pictures of only a minute number of animals that could be hunted in the park




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