Titan Drive

Titan Drive

Of course the cattle here are the vast herds of grazing mega fauna in Thunder Wilds. While the herds will constantly migrate to follow the rains to greener pastures, park managers will know better where the rain has fallen and where the forage is best. Therefore in order to maximize the herds’ production, RAW partners, or staff if necessary, will drive the herds to those places. They could also herd the animals in order to avoid harsh and dangerous weather, such as drought, winter storms, and wildfires. This would avoid unnecessary loss of herd numbers. Therefore, the “cattle” drive would be a never ending and a continuing adventure that guests could join. This would be life in the saddle and adventures on the hoof.

Each night you would return to the Chuck wagon tired but happy where you would join the campfire, sing songs, and tell stories just as your ancestors.



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